TV Tray Makeover – DIY

How To Make a TV Tray at Home ?
Happy Sunday Friends!  I’m so excited to be a part of this fun blog hop with some of my blogging friends.  Did you know today is National Thrift Store day?

Yep!  As a DIY… repurposing lover I had to bring you a great thrift store makeover today!

I’ve got an awesome TV Tray Makeover to share with you and then you’ll have to go check out the other amazing thrift store makeovers.

Amazing stuff right?

So I found this basic TV tray at a thrift store.  I’m sure you’ve all seen one and might even have one.  The store was 30% off that day so I scored it for $2.35.

Very functional… but nothing too exciting to look at.

Here’s the supplies I used:

  • basic tv tray
  • sanding block
  • Kona stain
  • foam brush
  • acrylic paint writer

So I started by giving it a good cleaning.

Then I gave the white portion a light sanding… I wanted to scuff it up because it was getting a staining!

I used one of my favorite  shades of stain lately…. Kona.  It’s a beautiful, rich brown.  I used a foam brush and gave it a nice coat, let it sit about 5-10 minutes and then wiped off the excess.


I let it dry thoroughly overnight and then came the fun part… Painting!  I used an acrylic paint writer in white to create some fun, whimsical flowers.

I started by sketching out some ideas on paper, then went to work.

The paint tip with the paint writer was very easy to use and it took less than 30 minutes to knock-out the design on the tray.

The results…

LOVE!!!  I’ve been wanting something to put my laptop on while working in bed and this is perfect… although I told my kiddos it was so they could bring me breakfast in bed daily!

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